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Step into Leightons Insight, Marlow, and see the difference. With 85 years experience to our name, we’re leading the way with the most advanced ways of eye testing. We put our heart and soul into delivering amazing customer service. Plus, we work with the world’s most innovative sight and hearing companies to bring you the latest advances in technology that will make most difference to your life.

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John Singh

Branch Manager & Dispensing Optician

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Whether you’re looking for spectaclescontact lensessunglasses or prescription sunglasses, we’ll help you find your perfect pair. We also offer free hearing assessments as part of our Hearing Care service. With Leightons, you’re in safe hands, for years to come.

Eye tests that are visionary

At Leightons, we like to make sure your eyes are tested in the most thorough way technology will allow. Our Marlow store offers the very latest OCT tests, which lets us examine parts of the eye normal tests can’t reach. That way we can spot changes in your eye health up to 5 years earlier than traditional test. And the sooner you detect it, the quicker you can take steps to manage it.

Quality frames & service

At Leightons, we stock all sorts of glasses. Glasses that are chic and sophisticated. Or glasses that are retro and cool. Glasses that are rimless and discreet. Or glasses that are bright and bold. The trick is, finding the right ones for you.

Luckily, our friendly Dispensing Opticians have the perfect knack of helping you find your perfect pair.

SchoolVision at Leightons Insight Marlow

schoolvision marlow leightons insight opticiansSchoolVision is a specialist clinic offered one day a week to help children at both state and private schools. In addition to a full eye examination, SchoolVision assesses a number of eye coordination and visual stress anomalies that may inhibit a child’s ability to both read and concentrate at school.

Assessments cover general reading difficulties, muscle balance, tracking, reading speed for age, colour preference and glare disability.

The benefits of the SchoolVision clinic include:

  • Better performance at school
  • Increased reading speed
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased arithmetic capability
  • Decreased tiredness and anxiety
  • Reduction in headaches

“Mrs Anderson prescribed special glasses and after seven months she could read an extra four lines on the chart! I am delighted with her progress and she will continue to be monitored. I would highly recommend this clinic. I am not actually sure what we would have done without it.”

Mrs J.H. from Maidenhead

Call us on 01628 477 998 or email to request more information about SchoolVision.


Sportvision at Leightons Insight Marlow

Sportvision recognises that vision problems can have a dramatic effect on sporting ability – from visual acuity to balance, timing, glare recovery and colour perception.

Good vision in any sport is fundamental for success. Not all aspire to the highest levels of professional sport and the vision training programmes this involves. However, those who enjoy sports socially at a local level can be confident that they can be helped by the best vision correction options to ensure they get the most out of their sport.

Options include specialist spectacle tints, lightweight wraparound specs and specialist contact lenses for high energy sports such as sailing, skiing or cycling.