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Hearing Accessories

Hearing accessories – whatever you need

Each manufacturer has its own hearing accessories designed to make your life easier. Leightons offers a wide range of these accessories, available to buy in-store and via our online shop.

A selection of earplugs and hearing aid replacement batteries are also available to purchase.

A breakthrough in home entertainment

Discover a new way to enjoy television and radio with HyperSound speakers.

hypersound clear 500p speakers Find out more

A clean, mean, hearing machine

A well-cared for hearing aid will last for a very long time. In between your six-monthly MOTs at Leightons, why not make use of the specialised cleaning products we stock.

  • Clear debris and wax from your device with cleaning wipes
  • If you’re very active and perspire or live in a humid environment, try the drying capsules in a disposable bag or reusable box
  • An electronic dry aid kit can assist with more severe moisture problems

Phones that help you hear better

We stock telephone handsets and adaptors for landlines that can be used with or without hearing aids. If you ever have trouble hearing on the phone, these can make a world of difference.

Does your device fit snugly?

Leightons want to help you live life to the full, so it’s important to check your device fits comfortably and delivers crystal clear sound. We can improve the fitting with a simple custom-fit dome.

We’re always here

Leightons’ professional and bespoke hearing service is tailored to help you find the best solution for you. If you have any queries about hearing accessories and how they might work best for you, please call us on 0800 40 20 20 or pop into your local branch.