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Induction loops

Induction loops are designed to help people who wear hearing aids. They work with the hearing aid to reduce, or even cut out, background noise. For example, a loop could be used at home to hear the television without having to turn the volume up high. And in a car, an induction loop system will help one to hear a stereo or radio. To help hear conversations in noisy places, such as meetings, a loop can be set up together with a microphone. And in theatres or cinemas, for example, a loop will make it easier to hear the show.

induction-loop symbol icon

An induction loop is a thin cable running around any listening area, such as a room. An amplifier feeds an electric current into the loop. The loop gets its signal via a connection to the sound source. The current produces a harmless magnetic field that matches the sound and, if one is within the loop area, this field will be picked up by setting the hearing aid – or loop listening aid – to the ‘T’ setting.

Telephones can have a small loop, called an inductive coupler, fitted into the earpiece. If stereo sound is required, an infra-red system would make this possible. Please ask our hearing aid audiologist about hearing induction loops, or infra-red systems, and how they can be used with Leightons digital hearing aids.