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Here’s what our customers have to say…

Wondering what our service is really like? From the little things that make a difference, like our polite and friendly reception staff, to the unsurpassed clinical excellence of our Optometrists and Audiologists – we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the effort you went to getting the sunglasses to me before my holiday. I called on the Monday to enquire about whether or not you could source another pair of the sunglasses I bought a couple of years ago from yourselves. They were impossible to find elsewhere and presumably discontinued. I believe the branch manager sourced a pair at another branch and collected them the next day. Due to various reasons he couldn't get them to the shop in time for me to collect, so he drove all the way out to our house to drop them off in person late Tuesday evening so I had them for our holiday in Spain the next day. Thank you so much. My husband has bought a new pair of prescription Ray-Bans from yourselves as a result of the service.”

“You were excellent. The optician Katie Burrows was reassuring and gave concise, clear explanations of my condition. She answered all of our questions without hesitation, giving a clear impression of knowledge and competence. Everyone made us welcome, from cleaning the spectacles to providing tissues!”

“Eye test conducted by Katie Burrows. Test conducted very professionally. Listened to all concerns reported which were thoroughly investigated.”

“I have worked as an optometrist for Leightons since 2001. I have worn a hearing aid since 1991, age 21, due to otosclerosis. Initially I wore a private analogue aid & when that could not be repaired or replaced after 12 years I wore 1, later 2, NHS digital hearing aids. The most recent NHS pair were Oticon Spirit Zest. I was curious to experience the best in hearing aids Leightons Hearing Care could offer, & I have been most impressed. I have found excellent quality of sound & fine tuning to my hearing loss & the environment which is most remarkable. I received my Phonak Audeo V-312T aids in June 2015. I received extremely helpful & professional service from Anne-Marie Kincaid at Totton. Some adjustments & modifications over time were necessary before getting the best results, which I am now very happy with. The whistling when needing to turn up my NHS aids had become a small embarrassment when dealing with my patients or staff, which I am grateful to no longer endure! My mother recently commented that she could communicate with me whilst I had my back to her washing up. They are perfectly comfortable & secure, and I have confidently mountain biked & zip wired in them! I returned to my NHS pair for my child's assembly on the day I set out on a Church trip to Kenya, in anticipation of wearing that pair to prevent any harm coming to my Phonak aids. However, I was surprised at how I struggled in them & I realised I needed to wear my Phonak aids to get the most out of the Kenyan Trip. My pair of Phonak Audeo V-312T hearing aids have been most gratefully received & I would now not want to be without! Thank you.”