**Product Recall** CooperVision® Hy-Care® and Prima multipurpose contact lens solution

Mar 10, 2022 in Contact Lenses

coopervision contact lens solution

We have been advised of a voluntary recall by contact lens solutions manufacturer, CooperVision, of Hy-Care® and Prima multipurpose contact lens solution.

CooperVision’s quality testing determined that the product may not offer appropriate levels of disinfection in some circumstances against high levels of a particular yeast organism. Although no complaints have been received and there have been no confirmed incidents attributed to inadequate disinfection, this action is out of an abundance of caution.

It is very important you continue to clean and disinfect your soft contact lenses correctly. Please cease using your Hy-Care® and Prima solution once you’ve secured an alternative solution. Please retain any open and unused bottles to obtain your reimbursement through the recall website which has been set up by CooperVision.

If you are a MyLeightons customer, we will send you an alternative multipurpose solution in your next home delivery pack. This will be either All in One Light or Ote Sensation which has been recommended by our clinical team to support your requirements.

At Leightons, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain your refund. CooperVision is using a partner organisation to complete their product recall and handle all customer reimbursements.

If you have any Hy-Care® and Prima solution, you should visit www.CVrecall.expertinquiry.com for more information on what to do next and learn how to claim your reimbursement. This website is the most effective and simple way to obtain your refund, so please enter your details there.


Why are Leightons customers taken to a different website?

This consumer reimbursement process is managed by Sedgwick, the partner organisation supporting CooperVision, on this recall. Sedgwick are global specialists in managing product recalls and have been chosen to ensure the smoothest possible process for consumers to receive their reimbursement. Sedgwick use virtual payment card provider, B4B, to reimburse and to do this, consumers need to register with the B4B website.

How do Leightons customers get reimbursed?

Once a claim has been verified and processed, you will receive a Virtual Card email issued from [email protected] You will then be asked to register on the B4B (the fulfilment company) website using the 9-digit code provided in the email. Once registered, they can then activate and manage their virtual payment card by following the instructions.

What is a virtual payment card?

A virtual payment card is an electronic card that works like a traditional physical payment card. Users can pay for items online or over the phone anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Does the website ask for personal information?

The website needs to ask for some personal information such as name, address, email and date of birth in order for the payment processor’s checks to be undertaken. No financial information is requested and none of this information is shared with any third party.

How long does it take to get reimbursed?

It takes approximately two weeks to be reimbursed. The reason for the processing time is that applications have to be validated and checked. The payment process is then managed by B4B who then send the consumer registration and activation instructions by email.

If you can’t access the website – what can you do?

If consumers are having issues connecting to the www.CVrecall.expertinquiry.com website, they can contact Sedgwick Customer Services on 0800 0261954.

Contact Us

If you’d like to discuss this with a member of the Leightons team, please email [email protected], contact your local branch or call 0800 402020. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.