Hear. See. Do More in 2020: Tips for better eye and ear health

Aug 14, 2020 in Eye Tests

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Book an eye examination and full hearing assessment with us, and find out our top tips for the best ear care and eye health throughout 2020.

Long walks, day trips and Sunday lunches are great opportunities to catch up with family and friends, so we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your eyes and ears in check so you don’t miss a thing in 2020.

Tips for better ear care

The best ear care begins with a full hearing assessment. This allows audiologists to provide the right hearing advice, and start treatment if any hearing loss is detected. You can also take our free 60-second online hearing check.

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common cause of hearing loss in the world, affecting as many as 20% of the UK population? Remember to wear ear plugs at loud events and listen to music at no more than 60% of full volume.

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Stress can be a cause of tinnitus and while there’s no known cure for the condition itself, reducing stress and controlling anxiety levels can be a great help.

So, remember to take time to look after you, your eyes and ears in 2020.

Tips for promoting good eye health

For the optimum in eye and ear health, opt for an eye examinatin and full hearing assessment. Just like getting your ears checked, having your eyes tested regularly will allow optometrists to give you the best advice and treatment.

You should aim to have them tested every two years, but don’t be afraid to go sooner if you develop any pain or changes with your vision in-between checks.

It’s also important to keep your eyes protected from the sun.

Sunlight can reflect off water and even snow, bouncing harmful UV rays into our eyes. As our eyes are up to 10 times more sensitive to UV rays than our skin, it makes sense to have a pair of UV-rated, CE-marked sunglasses to hand if you’re out driving or walking.

The health risks of smoking are widely reported, but we often don’t think about the effect it can have on our eyes. The truth is smokers are at a higher risk of developing both age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Both of these conditions cause gradual sight loss and while there’s treatment available for macular degeneration, it cannot be cured.

Eating a balanced diet can also benefit our eyes. There is evidence to suggest that eating well can reduce the risk of age-related Macular Degeneration and dry eye syndrome (DES). Paying attention to your nutrition will improve your overall health and help them live life to the full.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your eye health in 2020, giving up smoking and eating healthier could be good resolutions.

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