The iPhone generation of hearing aids

Aug 15, 2012 in Hearing Aids

The iPhone generation of hearing aids

Technology is continually evolving in ways which make people's lives easier and more interesting, and hearing aid development is no different.

Manufacturers realise that, in order to make their products appeal to people, they need to enhance their lives and be compatible with the other technological devices and gadgets that they use day-to-day.

And one upcoming development which is sure to excite hearing aid users is the news that Apple is working with manufacturers to introduce Made for iPhone hearing aids which will be compatible with iOS 6 on iPhone 4S and later devices.

Apple is currently keeping quiet about the exact details, but it is likely that the gadget will see to make it easier for people to chat on the phone while wearing their hearing aid.

And while this technology is at least a few months down the line, there are already a number of hearing aids on the market that have extra features which make using them in conjunction with a mobile phone or iPod much easier.

For example, many of the Oticon and Phonak wireless hearing aids come with the optional Bluetooth connection devices, which transfer the sound from the phone directly to your ear, turning the hearing aid into a hands free kit.

Specifically, the Oticon Intigai hearing aid fits invisibly in the ear meaning that wearers can use MP3 players and iPods easily and comfortably.

For gadget enthusiasts, the Phonak iCom is always a winner. The interface works with most Phonak CORE hearing aids to link them to Bluetooth devices such as telephones, televisions, MP3 players and computers.

With such a range of top end devices available, the days when having a hearing aid meant you would struggle to watch TV, listen to music or talk on the phone are long gone.

Whatever you want your hearing aid to do, there's bound to one that suits your needs among our massive range, so sign up for a hearing test today.