What to do if you are diagnosed with Hearing Disability

Oct 31, 2014 in Hearing Aids

What to do if you are diagnosed with Hearing Disability

The onset of hearing loss is a gradual process. Deterioration of hearing takes place over many years and it’s easy to ignore the early symptoms of hearing loss. However, a time comes when it’s difficult understanding your partner’s speech, or you cannot hear the TV or radio very well unless the volume is turned up really high. It is important that you get your hearing tested immediately. Your audiologist will take an audiogram, which is a graphic record of your hearing ability at various sound frequencies. The hearing test will be able to determine the severity of hearing loss. Here’s what you should do if you are diagnosed with hearing loss.

Hear Better

Having a hearing disability does not mean you need to compromise on your lifestyle or stop doing the things you enjoy. Technological advances in hearing aids have made them smaller, lighter and almost invisible. Advanced microprocessors make sure that you can hear much better, while cutting out the background noise, and a flexible structure allows the hearing aids to fit in your ears better. Depending upon the severity of your hearing loss, you can choose to wear behind the ear hearing aids or in the ear hearing aids. Hearing aids that fit inside your ear canal are also available. Various styles of hearing aids have different capabilities and controls. An experienced audiologist will be able to guide you in selecting the correct fit.

You can also opt to have custom-made hearing aids created especially for you. These bespoke hearing aids are individually manufactured after taking special impressions of your ears, and they are better concealed and offer greater comfort. Earlier, custom-fit hearing aids were recommended only for mild to moderate hearing loss, but with the development of digital technology these can now be used in cases of severe hearing loss as well.

Get Help

Apart from wearing hearing aids, another thing that will really help you to deal with hearing loss is getting professional counselling. Most people don’t understand what a hearing impaired person goes through and it may be difficult for you to ask for help. Meeting with a counsellor will help you to talk about your hearing loss, the challenges you face and explore your feelings better. So don’t shy away from asking for help.

Choosing hearing aids

For a first time hearing aid wearer, it’s important that your hearing aids are professionally fitted. At Leightons Hearing Care, you will find a wide range of top quality digital hearing aids from the world’s best manufacturers. Our friendly and helpful practitioners will do a thorough lifestyle evaluation and will then assist you in selecting the hearing aids that best suit your requirement. Avail a free hearing aid demonstration as well as live speech mapping; this will give you an idea of how comfortable and easy to use our hearing aids are. Drop in at your neighbourhood Leightons.

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