A Guide to Ear Care in Winter Weather

Jan 05, 2017 in Hearing Care

People walking down avenue in snow

The cold winter weather is a testing time for all aspects of health. Here at Leightons, as hearing care specialists, we’re raising awareness on the importance of looking after your ears – an area of healthcare that is often overlooked. To help you avoid any winter drama, we’ve set out some essential tips and advice to help maintain healthy ears over the festive period.

Ear infections and glue ear

Ear aches and infections typically peak during the winter months, with children being particularly susceptible to contracting them. With colds and viruses spreading through offices and schools like wildfire, it’s crucial that you take appropriate steps to minimise the chances of catching an illness. Coming down with either one of these can lead to fluid build-up in the middle-ear or even painful infection.

Signs and symptoms of Middle-Ear Effusion (congestion behind the eardrum) most commonly include aural fullness, otalgia (ear pain), discharging fluid from the ear and hearing impairment. It typically results an inability to accurately discriminate speech (particularly in noisy environments), difficulty in hearing the television at a normal, family level and in certain cases it can result in disequilibrium or impaired balance function.

Preventing illness

Practicing good personal hygiene and health care is essential, especially when faced with heightened levels of harmful bacteria circulating among the general public. Wash your hands thoroughly and wrap up warm when you go outside into the low temperatures. Maintain a healthy balanced diet that’s full of fruit, vegetables, and vitamins to boost your immune system and help fend off germs.

Seeking treatment

In the event of an ear infection, if you are experiencing serious pain or your condition has failed to improve after three days, visit your doctor who may choose to prescribe some oral antibiotics. This medication can hasten your return to full health and help ease any symptoms of discomfort. Despite being a nasty and unpleasant illness, most cases of ear infection are cured within 48 hours of receiving medication. It is also common for infections to pass by themselves within a few days without the need for medical intervention.

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