Raising Money for Hearing Dogs at Thatcham

Aug 24, 2016 in Hearing Care

Fur toy dog

If there was ever an excuse to invite dogs in to our Leightons branches, what better reason that for charity? On this occasion, it was an adorable cuddly toy version visiting Leightons Thatcham in a fundraising opportunity for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, which is one of the 2016 Leightons Foundation charities.

Meet Scratchy

Leightons Thatcham had their own hearing dog for the day, ready for a new home with one lucky winner. On a mission to find the perfect name for their hearing dog, they hosted a competition for their visitors in Thatcham to come up with a name recommendation, with the best one taking the pooch home!

Schoolgirl Sophia was the lucky winner of her new dog, Scratchy!

And Leightons Thatcham have donated the total £39 raised to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Deafness can be very isolating. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People train dogs to help make a real difference to the life of someone who is deaf. They can pick up and alert the person to sounds we take for granted, such as an alarm clock, doorbell or even a fire alarm. As well as performing potentially life-saving tasks, they provide companionship and a chance for independence for a deaf person.

As well as training dogs, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that the type and breed of dog is a perfect match for the needs and lifestyle of the individual they’re partnered with. It costs £40,000 to train and support a hearing dog through their lifetime, so they are heavily reliant on donations from supporters.

If you wanted to help fundraise, or to see how you can support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, take a look at how you can help raise a puppy to be a fully trained hearing dog.