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How a person’s hearing loss can affect friends and family

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Suffering from hearing loss doesn't just affect one individual, it has an impact on all those close to that person.

Anyone who interacts with someone who has been diagnosed as suffering from hearing loss has a role to play in helping them cope with their condition and easing them into their new life with a hearing aid.

There are a number of ways that friends, families and workmates can help and this can mostly be done with patience, understanding and care.


The first way that people can help those with hearing loss is by being open to communication and this starts right from the beginning, before a hearing test has been booked.

It's essential that sufferers have someone to talk to, aside from ourselves at Leightons, and that whoever is listening understands properly what is going on and what the person is going through.

Indeed, it's well worth accompanying people when they go on their hearing tests at Leightons not only to support but also to ask questions for your own understanding which can be useful further down the line.


Another important quality when helping someone cope is patience.

Hearing loss is a massive change for those who are suffering from it and so the last thing they'll need is others around them getting annoyed or becoming impatient.

If you do find yourself getting wound up at having to repeat things, then just take a few seconds, relax and then go about your business.

It's natural to get annoyed at having to repeat things but don't let that project across and make your friend or partner feel bad or guilty.

Stick with it

Speaking about patience, it's important to remember that things do get easier as hearing aids become a normal part of everyday life.

One unnamed individual told Val Tait for her book 'Life after hearing loss: Telling it like it is' how things improved.

"I used to have the TV up too loud and so that became a bone of contention," they said.

"Now that I have digital hearing aids she thinks my hearing is so much better that I have never had a problem really."

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