Jack Straw reveals his battle with tinnitus

Sep 25, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Jack Straw reveals his battle with tinnitus

The issue of hearing loss and gradual deafness can affect anyone and it's important to know your options should it happen to you.

There's obviously the free online hearing test we offer here at Leightons as well as the hearing test we provide in-branch but it's also worth considering how it may affect your day-to-day life.

It doesn't matter what area of work you are in or what your lifestyle is like, taking a few minutes to think about how living with hearing aids can affect you could save you problems further down the line.

To demonstrate the point about how hearing loss and similar conditions can affect people from all walks of life, former home secretary Jack Straw has revealed in his autobiography how he battled tinnitus in 1979.

It couldn't have come at a worse time for Mr Straw with the Labour party going through various struggles and goes to show how things can quickly pile up and cause problems.

In the book, summarised in the Daily Mail, he recounts how things quickly got on top of him.

"The deafness seemed a metaphor for what was happening around me," he said.

"As my hearing fell apart, so did my party, and all the aspirations and dreams I'd had about the future."

"I was in a terrible state, worried about my health and my future."

That doesn't mean you should immediately cower in fear when it comes to hearing loss, it just means you should be prepared rather than bury your head in the sand.

Also, don't forget that out experts will be happy to guide you through any issues you may have and answer any questions.

Right from the start of the journey with our free hearing test, available at any of our branches, our audiologists can assist you on the road to an enjoyable life with your hearing aid.