On your bike: Epic ride raises money to battle hearing loss

Oct 04, 2012 in Hearing Protection

On your bike: Epic ride raises money to battle hearing loss

The fight to raise money and awareness for battling hearing loss is always in need of any assistance that people can give.

That's why the entire deaf community is always grateful for people who complete superhuman efforts to help us in our battle to make the lives of those with deafness easier.

Innovation in hearing aids and similar technologies couldn't be made possible without charitable financial assistance and so it really is vital.

One such example of this took place recently when Nils Wieboldt from Islington rose across the tricky terrain of the Pyrenees to raise money and awareness for Action on Hearing Loss.

In total, Nils navigated three tricky routes that make up part of the Tour de France between Barcelona and Lourdes, demonstrating what a challenge this was for even the most experienced of riders.

Riding with two friends, the trio covered around 165 miles in total, managing to climb around 4500m vertically during the course of the three-day ride.

Nils knows as well as anyone just how damaging hearing loss can be for, being forced to give up his chosen career as a classical cellist because of ringing in his ears.

This, he said, was a major motivating factor behind the ride.

"I really wanted to raise money for Action on Hearing Loss so that they can continue to help people with a hearing loss and tinnitus whilst combining my love of cycling," he said.

"By taking on this challenge, I hope it raises some awareness about the dangers of listening to loud music, which the charity actively campaigns on."

He's absolutely right too, listening to excessively loud music on regular occasions can cause real damage.

So, do yourself a favour and simply turn the volume down a notch or two.

We can do a great deal to help you live with tinnitus but it's always better to take preventative measures as well.