Lawson singer talks hearing loss

Mar 14, 2013 in Hearing Tests

Lawson singer talks hearing loss

The lead singer of popular pop group Lawson has been speaking about his experience of hearing loss.

Andy Brown and the three other members of the band have enjoyed chart hits with tracks like Learn To Love Again and Standing In The Dark in recent times.

They also reached number four with their first LP, Champion Square, during the later stages of last year.

And Brown has been telling Cambridge News about the fact that the band are named after a surgeon who operated on the pop star when he underwent important surgery in his teenage years.

The singer experienced hearing loss in one of his ears during his time at university, and later found that this was being caused by a benign tumour on the optic nerve.

Surgery removed the tumour, leaving him deaf in the right ear and having to re-learn the ability to walk.

The When She Was Mine singer has told to the news provider that this period was “very difficult” to him.

“Because I had lost hearing in my right ear I suffered really bad dizziness and vertigo,” he said. Ears play a major role in balance and allowing people to walk, he explained.

“When you lose one side your brain basically doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, so you have to learn to live with one ear, which can take a while,” he said.

The name of the person who operated on Andy? Doctor Lawson, who Mr Brown says he thinks is flattered about the fact he has had his name used by the pop group.

Once Andy had explained the story of the operation to the band, it seems all were in agreement that they should call themselves Lawson, having previously gone under another name, The Grove.

Lawson is made up of Joel Peat, Adam Pitts and Ryan Fletcher as well as Mr Brown. The group are currently touring and will be performing as part of the Isle of Wight Festival in June.

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