London 2012: Inspiring those who suffer from hearing loss?

Sep 16, 2012 in Hearing Tests

London 2012: Inspiring those who suffer from hearing loss?

The theme behind this summer's London 2012 Games was to 'inspire a generation' but could it have a further impact on those who suffer from hearing loss?

Many commentators have said the general impact on the Games will add a feelgood factor to the country but they could also do a great deal to get the nation out and about playing sport.

In particular, the Paralympics has been cited as a potential inspiration for those who suffer from hearing loss to get active and enjoy their sport.

Digital hearing aids and other such equipment are no reason not to get involved with physical activity and neither are fears about understanding teammates or competitors.

While there are no specific Paralympic events for deaf people, the general feeling around the event could prove that those who suffer from problems and disabilities don’t need to forgo sporting activity.

Hugo Middlemas, Leonard Cheshire Disability’s director of fundraising, said the Paralympics represents a "very special opportunity" to increase sport among disabled people.

"The glow of the Paralympics is great, but there is hard evidence that people want more of this," he said.

"What’s been quite exciting has been seeing the commitment from everyone that the Paralympics has inspired in people with disabilities."

"At the moment only a quarter are taking part in any exercise or sport each week, now we see about 70 per cent would like to."

In terms of hearing aids, their ability to withstand sport now largely comes as standard, although extra advice can be sought from our experts about more 'rough and tumble' pursuits.

When it comes to hearing people during sport, this will come with time and so long as you are patient and don't try to run before you can walk, metaphorically of course, you'll be fine.

If sport is a passion of yours, simply mention it to our audiologists when having your free hearing test.