The state of the arts – TV, film and music with a hearing aid

Aug 28, 2012 in Hearing Tests

The state of the arts – TV, film and music with a hearing aid

There's absolutely no reason why being fitted with a hearing aid has to damage to any severe extent how you go about listening to music or enjoying a film.

Obviously there are subtitles to help but even these should only really be an added extra.

Once you get used to your hearing aid you should be able to hear sounds from televisions just as you did before.

When people come in for hearing tests, one of the main worries they have, aside from how they will converse from day-to-day, is how they go about listening to TV, film and music.

These are major parts of our lives and while they may come second to conversing with family, that's not to say they aren't important.

All it takes is a little time and patience. For instance, going to a concert or performance straight away full of lots of people will probably leave you frustrated and annoyed.

So, the best way to ease yourself into enjoying the arts with a hearing aid is to take it one step at a time.

Begin by watching TV or listening to music on your own and figure out the best volume, then you can start to do so with others.

Building yourself up to how you were without a hearing aid slowly is the best way to go about things, in all honesty.

Take the example of Austin Chapman, a filmmaker from LA.

He suffered from deafness but with some state-of-the-art hearing aids he's now able to hear the soundtracks to his award-winning films.

Upon being able to hear again, he explained to the Boston Globe that "it’s like the first time you kiss a girl".

"I was in the car and it was quite an experience," recalls Kyle Sinnott, Chapman’s best friend since high school about when Mr Chapman got his hearing back.

"He was nodding his head and moving his fingers. He cried at one point, and the same goes for everybody in the car. Everybody let out a tear." When you come in for your hearing test with us, we'll explain everything you need to know about adjusting to everyday activities with a hearing aid.