What are the tell-tale signs of hearing loss?

Dec 04, 2012 in Hearing Tests

What are the tell-tale signs of hearing loss?

Many people often don't like to book an appointment with medical professionals such as doctors, opticians or audiologists, for fear of 'bothering' them or 'wasting their time'.

This really isn't advisable and we recommend that people call in for an appointment if they think they may be suffering from hearing loss.

However, it's often difficult to know whether there is something wrong or if your mind is playing tricks, especially if you don't know what you are meant to be looking, or listening, out for.

People lead very different lives and so hearing loss can make itself known in a number of ways and we've managed to build up a list of tell-tale signs for our patients after years of carrying out free hearing tests.

Many people begin to find that they can't hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell, a door knock or the ring of a telephone, while many feel the need to turn up the volume of the television.

Other signs people often find is that they don't hear others when they come into the room or fail to fully grasp what has been said in conversation.

We've heard comments such as "I don't hear very well in meetings and group situations" and "I find restaurants and social situations challenging" during tests and if these describe you, it's probably best to call in to speak to us.

Similarly, misunderstanding people with strong accents or particularly monotonous voices is a regular occurrence for those suffering from hearing loss.

Don't fear about wasting people's time, as many often do, because the chances are there will be something amiss that we can help with.

What's more, the sooner you come in to see us, the sooner our expert audiologists can take a look, find out what needs to be done and sort your hearing out once and for all.

Remember, if you can't make it out of the house for whatever reason, we also offer free home hearing tests too.