Wireless technology continues to improve hearing aids

Aug 23, 2012 in Hearing Tests

Wireless technology continues to improve hearing aids

Increasingly, wireless Bluetooth technology is finding its way into more and more hearing aids and devices to improve life for those suffering from hearing loss.

The technology essentially involves a wireless Bluetooth gadget which pairs hearing aids with television sets as well as a whole host of other technologies such as laptops, mobile phones and iPods.

This means that no longer will hearing aid users have to go into a separate room to watch television because they won't need to turn the volume up on the television, or whatever other device is being used.

The technology is increasingly becoming more common and is operated by a remote which can be placed in a pocket or around the neck.

Dr. Robin Solomon, audiologist, told Your News Now says that the technology offers a sense of security during what can often be a difficult time for people, when adjusting to hearing aid use.

"People hear better with two ears. Can you imagine picking up your cell phone and you are only listening through one ear? Hearing aids with cell phones do not have the best connection," he said.

Dr Solomon continued: "I have elderly patients who use wireless particularly the phone at home, it gives them a sense of security.

"They can hear on the phone well with both ears, they can communicate with family members, they don't have to run to the phone."

Mark Rodrigue, a hearing aid user, explained to the news source how it took him a long while to get used to his hearing aid saying he simply couldn’t understand what people were saying.

However, now, with the use of wireless technology, he says that things are now much improved.

"I love it. Having the wireless, it's so much more convenient and flexible and I take these where ever I go," he said.