Drivers and vision!

Jul 31, 2011 in Leightons News

Drivers and vision!

One of the things that astonishes optometrists is the attitude of some people to their eyesight and driving. Why do some people drive without the necessary prescription glasses knowing that it makes them more prone to accidents, invalidates their insurance and makes them liable to criminal prosecution?

These are some of the excuses opticians at Leightons have been given by people who need to wear prescription glasses for driving but don’t:

“I agree I can’t see the road signs but I am fine if I know where I’m going.” “My wife does not like me wearing my glasses outside because they make me look old.” “I have to take off my glasses to wear (non-prescription) sunglasses if it is bright.” “I can’t be bothered.”
“My wife tells me if anything is coming” “I don’t drive at night.” “I don’t drive on motorways.” “Even with poor sight I’m safer than inexperienced young drivers.” “I don’t want to wear glasses and my reactions are very fast because I am young.” “If you say my eyesight is not up to the scratch without glasses you are wrong.” “Glasses make it unnaturally clear.” “I don’t drive anymore.” – seen by the receptionist driving away from the practice.

If you’re having problems with vision whilst driving or in general then don’t put it off with excuses. Our friendly, fully-qualified dispensing opticians will be happy to answer any questions you may have. With attractive lightweight frames, anti-reflective lenses and prescription sunglasses from only £99, we hope at Leightons Opticians you will not need any excuses for safer driving.

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