Passion for Tom Ford Eyewear at Chandler's Ford

Jun 13, 2024 in Leightons News

Tom Ford eyewear shelves

At Chandler's Ford Leightons branch, we're not just passionate about enhancing your sight and style; we're committed to offering you the finest in eyewear, including the iconic collections from Tom Ford.

Tom Ford logo, black text on white background.

Tom Ford isn't just a brand; it's a symbol of timeless elegance, sophistication, and unrivalled quality. Renowned for its fusion of classic designs with modern sensibilities, each pair of Tom Ford glasses is a masterpiece, crafted to elevate your look and provide unparalleled comfort and clarity.

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But what makes Tom Ford eyewear so special? Let's hear from our team at Chandler's Ford about their four favourite models and why they love them:

Tom Ford TF940 sunglasses

The TF940 sunglasses

"We love this pair of sunglasses at Chandler's Ford. In the timeless butterfly shape, these sunglasses give you maximum coverage of the eye and surround area, whilst making you look effortlessly stylish. The perfect combination of style and practical."

Tom Ford  TF5842-B eyewear

The TF5842-B eyewear

"A classic style that can be worn by anyone, with a slight uplift at the edges, this helps to give you a slight 'lift' and paired with the light Havana colour, they will go with any outfit.”

Tom Ford TF5820-B eyewear

The TF5820-B eyewear

"For those that want something a little bolder and chunkier with their glasses. In a classic square shape, you can't go wrong.”

Tom Ford TF5949-B eyewear

The TF5949-B eyewear

"If you are wanting something a little more 'fun', this is the style for you. In a beautiful crystal blue and with a more statement lift at the edges, you'll certainly get people asking about your glasses. We love them!”

At Chandler's Ford Leightons, we understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of glasses that not only enhances your vision but also reflects your unique style and personality. With our expert team and the exquisite range of Tom Ford eyewear, we're here to help you find the perfect match tailored to your needs.

Schedule a consultation with our dispensing opticians and discover the perfect Tom Ford frames for your eyes. Whether you're seeking timeless elegance, versatile sophistication, or a bold statement piece, Tom Ford eyewear has something for everyone.

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