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Leightons Eye Windsor – Shared Ownership


Gillian Morgan-Dewar of Eye Windsor and Leightons created a partnership to bring their two practices together in Windsor in mid-2014 with the aim of securing cost savings and improved efficiencies supported by a three year growth plan and profitability plan.

Gillian’s business was six years in the making with a focus on boutique niche brands more usually found in trendier parts of London, whilst Leightons (formally Gregory & Seeley in Windsor with over 20 years trading history) was more traditional in its positioning. The decision was made to close the Leightons practice, launching the new Leightons Eye Windsor within Gillian’s busier location.

The advantages of Leightons business services support provided access to a new computer system, a methodical approach to stock taking which helps to create a higher and more consistent gross profit but at the same time allowing Gillian and Ewan the manager freedom to continue to buy eclectic niche brands that they have become known for in Windsor and surrounding areas.

Operational support from Leightons area managers and HR have helped with recruitment of an OA and provided all the hand-holding during the early months of the integration phase.

The business has been successful in merging both practices and has shown growth above the sum of the two businesses when run separately.


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