Alessandro Lanaro created MODO in 1990, which has now become a successful manufacturer of house, designer and lifestyle brands. Using innovative methods in craftsmanship, MODO eyewear uses a variety of acetate and titanium to create sleek, minimal designs with maximum comfort.

MODO eyewear is iconic in its industry as one of the most economical and sustainable brands available. Developing collections that use 95% recyclable materials, as well as creating the programme ‘Buy a frame- help a child see’ to provide eye care for children in underdeveloped countries really make MODO stand out as the company who care.

A blonde woman in a wheat field wearing sunglasses.

Eco from MODO

The Eco range, from MODO is all about expressing yourself and feeling good in your own skin, as well as making fundamental steps towards a brighter future for our environment. Their frames are divided into two categories, biobased and recycled. The latter of which is crafted from 95% recycled metal, saving many natural resources during production. Their biobased frames are made from the seed of castor oil plants, making them lightweight, comfortable – and sustainable. Eco also plants a tree for every pair of glasses and sunglasses sold.

We can also fit your own prescription lenses in MODO frames. Alternatively, if you think your prescription may have changed, you can book an eye exam online or call us on 0800 40 20 20.