What is the Leightons Method?

Tried and tested

Whether it’s Franchise, Joint Venture or Shared Ownership, we have have a flexible model that will work for you. Make the decisions, reap the rewards and create enterprise value.

  • It starts with a buy-in to an existing optician practice
    • This provides access to an existing customer database, builds on a known optician’s location and provides the security of a known level of sales and cash flow
  • We will help you reposition the business, convert to an identifiable Leightons Opticians and establish it as the best local destination for quality eye care, eyewear and hearing care
  • We wrap this with all the support of our expert central support function
  • Add your enthusiam and motivation and a little Leightons "Magic Dust" from Sales, Marketing and customer experience knowledge
  • Let's not forget the benefits of margin improvement, synergistic cost savings and networks advantages

This is the Leightons Method – something we've been working on for nearly 90 years.

Why choose us?

You are the sort of person who is passionate about your career. You love to help people and you care that your work makes a difference.

Ambitious and motivated, with plenty of experience, you’re itching to take the next step. You have learned lots from the people that you have worked for but now it’s time to run your own show.

What we bring to the opportunity

Strong values

  • Leightons is built on a business philosophy and entire value system all centred on one thing: helping customers live life to the full
  • A proven method that has been refined over 90 years, but also a method that provides autonomy to our partners, where you can flex products and services to suit your local community

A better deal

  • Margin improvement, preferential credit arrangements, service and quality control via centrally negotiated terms
  • Synergistic cost savings and network advantages
  • Leightons provide their own hearing care service, delivered via our own qualified and caring audiologists. This helps to attract and retain customers, plus adds a valuable source of additional profitability to the partner business

Great communication

  • Monthly innovation and business growth meetings
  • We encourage collaborative learning through regular branch meetings and informal get-togethers

Ongoing support

  • Leightons Learning Academy is all about helping you and your team to be on top of your game in all the vital areas of management and leadership
  • Regular access to CET and centrally-organised training events
  • Experienced management and a central support team in all the key function areas:
    • Finance: know your numbers, budgets and planning with monthly P&L’s and cashflow management, keeping us focused on sustainable profit growth. Leightons also have good relations with the major UK banks with access to bank loans and financing.
    • Sales, Marketing & Customer experience: “The Magic Dust”. Our internal marketing team, together with expert external advisors, consistently develop stronger connection with our customers to better learn what they most value. We aim to create customers for life via our carefully designed customer relationship management (CRM) program that sits at the heart of our customer experience philosophy. Our CRM program integrates real-time online appointment booking, patient recall via email, text and letter with in store, online, social and digital experiences.
    • Human Resources: get all the support you need in terms of managing your team, recruiting new staff, management of contracts, review processes, pay and pensions policy.
    • IT: in-house team of IT professionals to provide support with all your information technology requirements. Includes practice management software, IT support and taking care of the computer equipment.
    • Property: lease negotiations, renewals, rent reviews, property maintenance team, shop fit design, planning and fitting and building surveyors

      What you bring to the opportunity:

  • Your passion and energy to deliver clinical excellence
  • A desire for business ownership and shared success
  • A motivation and drive to create great customer experiences and financial success

Together it’s a powerful combination for business success. To find out more, call us on 01252 823400 or download our brochures.