The Next Steps

Our selection process is a two-way thing. It helps us get to know you, as much as it lets you get to know us. So here’s how things work at Leightons:

Stage 1

That’s where you’ll meet Lindsay Fairhead, our Director of Finance and Ryan Leighton for an initial chat. It's informal but offers a chance to understand more about the various business ownership options available. To get the ball rolling, please email [email protected].

Stage 2

The next step will be a more formal interview with our HR Manager, Louisa. This is where we’ll want to delve more deeply into your experience, your skills and your ambitions for the years ahead, to see if we’re the perfect business match.

Stage 3

It’s your turn to get under our skin, by spending a day with one of our leading managers on the shop floor. When both parties are happy, and the most suitable business ownership route has been agreed, we then look to identify opportunities that fit your requirements. We will assess the viability – in terms of geographic fit, financial risk and reward plus overall synergy with our own professional approach and quality standards.

With a great deal of acquisition experience, we appreciate the value of an existing business and the goodwill built up within the local community. So each business, and each town, needs a fresh individual approach, where we apply logic and sensitivity to create the desired results.

Stage 4

We’ll give you all the support you need to make your launch a success. Rigorous planning and rapid training and development will get you ready to fly.

That includes:

  • Sourcing and presenting partners with business buy-in opportunities
  • Cost analysis of financial buy-in
  • Financial forecasting
  • Third party financing arrangements if required
  • HR advice and recruitment planning
  • Property advice and lease negotiation
  • Shop design and fitting (where necessary)
  • IT set-up and support
  • Product positioning and selection
  • Marketing and customer communication strategy
  • Initial training
  • Launch strategy

Stage 5

It's launch time!

We are with you every step of the way, with regular on-site business review and development meetings. This is about collaborative learning, idea generation and service innovation with experienced area managers.

Franchisees and Partners are also invited to monthly business review and development meetings to keep us focused and to keep improving. You'll feel connected to the rest of the network via daily updates, announcements, fun and learning all found via our intranet The Scrip – a dynamic hub of social and business communication.

How soon can this all happen?

The period of time from Stage 1 to Stage 5 largely depends on location. Typically, we allow three to six months from first meeting to acquisition, conversion and the opening of the business to customers.

Want to find out more?

Download our brochures or call us on 01252 823400.