A close-up of a woman's blue eye.

Dry Eyes?

Do your eyes feel itchy and gritty? Or maybe they water excessively? Are they red, sore and uncomfortable? You are not alone.

You may have dry eyes (yes, even if they water – this can be due to underlying dryness issues).

Here at Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care we are able to carry out specialised eye examinations investigating dry eye symptoms, and provide you with a suitable treatment plan. During a dry eye assessment we carefully discuss your concerns and carry out a detailed observation of your eyes. We will use a microscope to look at the surface of the eyes and tears at high magnifications. We also put a very small amount of coloured liquid into the tears to assess how the tears flow, and see if there are any dry areas on the surface of the eyes. This does not hurt, sting or change your vision in any way.

Dry eyes can be caused by several different reasons including poor production of either the water or oily layer of the tears, or poor drainage of the tears away from the eyes.

Following a full dry eye assessment we will design a tailored management plan just for you to help ease your symptoms. We have a range of the best eye drops and lid hygiene products to help get your eyes and tears working properly again.

To arrange a dry eye assessment, call your local branch or book online now.