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Eye Care for Babies

Our eyes and how we see changes greatly as we age. When we are first born our eyesight is quite poor at being able to see and recognise shapes, especially faces. A child's eyesight continually develops over the next 7 or 8 years, with the most rapid development happening within the first 2 years, which is why regular eye tests by a qualified optician are essential.

Sometimes the developmental process goes wrong and the eyes do not develop as they should. Generally, if there are any problems we strongly recommend they are dealt with sooner rather than later, which a Leightons optician can help with. If a problem is left undetected in early years it may mean the child has a defect which cannot then be corrected later on.

Babies and toddlers eyesight is normally screened as part of their developmental checks, although these are not as thorough as an examination by a professional Optometrist. At Leightons Opticians our fully qualified Optometrists can use a number of techniques and child-friendly tests to assess your child's eye health and function. Although a more accurate assessment can be made once the child can recognise shapes and letters, an eye examination can be performed for any age.

If there are any eye problems in the family, especially among brothers and sisters, or if you have noticed anything unusual, have your child's eyes checked as soon as possible by an optician. Book your eye test today with Leightons Opticians and let the experts look after your child's eyes.