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Hearing Aid Batteries


Your hearing aid needs a reliable and steady power supply  in order to run effectively. Even subtle changes in a battery’s output can mean the difference between clear performance and poor volume or noise control. That is why all digital hearing aids from Leightons are supplied with a free 3 year supply of Rayovac hearing aid batteries. Rayovac premium zinc air hearing aid batteries offer long-lasting performance, predictable battery life and consistency for all digital hearing aids. 

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are available to buy in all Leightons HearingCare Centres and they’re suitable for all digital hearing aid manufacturers such as Phonak, Resound and Oticon hearing aids.

Leightons free hearing checks are offered every six months to check your hearing and also to provide you with a further six months supply of Rayovac batteries free of charge.

Rayovac Proline batteries

  • Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries sizes: 10, 13, 312, 675 – only: £3.75 per pack of six cells.
  • Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries sizes: 10, 13, 312, 675 – discounted price: £13 for five packs of six cells.

rayovac-380x174-range (2)

Leightons experienced hearing aid audiologists will always offer a full explanation on how to change a hearing aid battery and how to look after your digital hearing aids but here we offer some handy tips.



When replacing a hearing aid battery always follow the instructions specific to your individual hearing aid.

  • Leightons insist on providing the World’s Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Battery from Rayovac.
  • Rayovac also make it easier when handling the hearing aid battery as there is a small sticker on one side of the battery. This will help you place the battery into the hearing aid, but in order to allow a good contact the sticker should be removed.
  • It is easy to put the hearing aid battery in the wrong way so make sure that the ‘+’ on the battery matches the ‘+’ on the battery compartment door.
  • Be carefully when closing the hearing aid battery door and if you feel that it must be forced shut, this is often a sign that the battery is in the wrong way.
  • Once you’ve inserted your hearing aid battery, and to make sure your digital hearing aid is working, simply cup the instrument with your hands until you hear a whistle.

For more information on any of our hearing aids, protections, devices and other materials, please contact your local Leightons branch and talk to our friendly hearing care professional.