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Better Hearing – Both Ears

We all know that having two ears is better than one. But have you ever wondered why?

Here are 5 good reasons why having two hearing devices is better than one.

1. Richer sound quality

Having one hearing device, when you need two, can be a bit like listening to music with just one speaker, or one headphone. Two devices help you hear in stereo – so you can appreciate the world around you in all its richness of sound.

2. Determining direction

When our ears hear a sound, our brain speedily determines its direction. Often, one ear hears the sound a split second sooner and a bit louder than the other. This helps us work out which direction the sound is coming from. Like an approaching car.

3. Feeling balanced

Both ears, working together, help us feel balanced, too.

4. Filtering sounds

With just one device doing all the hard work, it can be difficult for your brain to filter the noisy background sounds from the voice you’re tuning in to. With two devices, in busy places, like restaurants or shops, your devices work together wirelessly to pick out the clearest speech and filter out distracting background noise. So it’s easier to concentrate.

5. Keeping our brain active

If your brain has less and less stimulation, it can decline at a faster rate. That’s why it’s important to get a hearing device sooner, rather than later. If you’re suffering from moderate or severe hearing loss, your brain is receiving less information, so it gives up trying to hear certain sounds and both your hearing and your brain can decline faster. This is a condition called ‘auditory deprivation’.

The wonder of wireless hearing devices

Quite often, when you experience hearing loss, it happens in both ears at the same time. So it makes sense to invest in two hearing devices to feel properly connected to the world again.

Luckily, today’s hearing instruments have wireless technology, which allows them to talk to each other – and work in ways that replicate the human ear, like never before.

To learn more about the benefits of hearing with both ears, simply talk to our team. It’s quick and easy to book online, in real time – and it only takes a couple of clicks. Or you can contact your local branch here.