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Designer Hearing Aids


Designer digital hearing aids are small, lightweight devices, available in various designs and colours. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, and are packed with useful features to assist with active busy lifestyles and noisy listening environments. Benefits of these designer digital hearing aids include:

• Combining modern customised designs and exceptional hearing aid performance

• Automatically delivering the best combination of comfort and speech understanding and constantly adapting to a changing sound environment

• Directional microphones reduce unwanted background noise in order to help focus on speech

• Digital hearing, allow thousands of subtle adjustments automatically to keep the sound clear and comfortable

Designer digital hearing aids also have a memory that monitors and remembers different sound environments. This means that our hearing aid audiologists can adjust them to fit your lifestyle and wishes.

For more information see open ear hearing aids; Oticon Delta, Oticon Dual, be by Resound and Phonak Audeo or freephone 0800 40 20 20 for a free hearing aid demonstration.

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