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Free Demonstration

As part of Leighton’s free hearing test and full hearing assessment, we can also provide a free hearing aid demonstration on any of the latest digital hearing aids.

We believe this is a great way to learn how the new digital hearing aids will perform, and we can also show you how they can help your hearing in different environments using some clever computer simulations and live speech mapping.  We always recommend that you are accompanied by someone you know during the hearing assessment as it helps to have a familiar voice to listen to during the hearing aid demonstrations.

With digital hearing aid technology moving on so fast and with so many options available, its best to listen for yourself. Together with our professional assistance, you can decide what best suits you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Even if you currently wear hearing aids but simply wish to learn more about the latest digital hearing aids, please contact your local Leightons Hearing Care Centre today and make an appointment for a free hearing aid demonstration.