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Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aid Fitting

Leightons bespoke hearing aid fitting will take approximately one hour, during which time we will carefully set the digital hearing aids to match your individual hearing and lifestyle requirements. We will discuss and show you how the hearing aid is working and make any necessary adjustments for comfort and deliver the best performance from your digital hearing aids.

At the fitting appointment, our hearing aid audiologist will go through an acclimatisation programme to individually tailored to first time, or existing hearing aid users. To help with the hearing aid fitting and performance, and in order to provide optimum benefit, we also offer live speech mapping demonstrations. Live speech mapping is a way of revealing how well your digital hearing aids are performing and allows you to actually see how you hear in a live speech environment.

Often over looked is the need to care for your hearing aid. You have made a significant investment in your hearing and so you will want to look after it. We therefore spend a significant portion of the fitting appointment providing you with simple tips to help you care for your hearing aids and demonstrate how to change a hearing aid battery.