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Hearing Aid Styles

Here at Leightons we supply the range of different hearing aid styles from the invisible ones that slot straight into the ear, to those sat behind the ear and offer more power. Suitability depends on what your hearing loss is like, how good your finger dexterity and vision is, and of course, your own personal preference.

Behind The Ear hearing aids (BTE)

Behind the ear, come in various sizes and fit behind your ear. BTE hearing aids have the most circuit options and they can offer more power than smaller custom made units. BTE digital hearing aids are connected to the ear canal via plastic tubing. The tubing is attached to an ear mould which is custom made from an ear impression, perfectly replicating the size and shape of your ear. Most Oticon BTE digital hearing aids can be fitted with a very cosmetically appealing thin tube known as Corda.


In The Ear hearing aids (ITE)

In the ear digital hearing aids are custom made and fit into the concha of your ear.  For ITE and all other custom made hearing aids detailed below, a unique impression of the ear will be taken by one of our registered hearing aid audiologists.

Design RIITE

In The Canal hearing aids (ITC)

In the canal, are smaller than ITE hearing aids and generally require good dexterity to control volume wheels and other controls on the faceplate


Completely In the Canal hearing aids (CIC)

Completely in the canal units are the tiniest custom-made digital hearing aids produced. They usually require a small extraction cordpull string because they fit deeply into the ear canal. Because they are so small, CIC digital hearing aids do not usually have manual controls and may have reduced functionality.


Spectacle hearing aids (SHA)

Spectacle aids incorporate the high technology of multi-microphone hearing aids in the neat frame of glasses. Spectacle hearing aids do also offer the benefit of digital technology. The frames are robust and well built and it’s here, within the frame, where the digital hearing aids are concealed. Spectacle hearing aids, like the latest digital hearing aids, are suitable for most types of hearing loss from mild to severe.

As the latest digital hearing aids are now so tiny, this tends to mean a smaller hearing aid battery is required, whereas in a spectacle hearing aid a larger battery can sometimes still be used, housed conveniently in the frame. Spectacle hearing aids also offer some nice easy controls that some wearers will enjoy, and the benefit of a complete hearing and eyecare solution.

At Leightons, we are uniquely qualified to offer best advice on both your hearing and eyecare requirements, and this blend of professional experience guarantees the best solution.  So if it’s the latest designer frame with the highest quality Zeiss lenses, combined with a lightweight or invisible digital hearing aid, Leightons professional staff are sure to help.

If you want to know more about spectacle hearing aids, or if you wish to see how discretely the latest digital hearing aids can fit with your existing spectacles, then contact us for a free hearing test, and don’t forget that a first class eye examination is also available.



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