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Hearing Aids Aftercare Programme

Leightons bespoke hearing aftercare programme is individually tailored to your needs and is included as standard practice, at no additional charge, with all digital hearing aid purchases.

Soon after the fitting of your hearing aids, Leightons’ hearing aid audiologists will be delighted to provide another hearing consultation. This is to check that you are happy with the performance, fit and comfort of your digital hearing aid and so we can make any fine-tuning adjustments.

To help with the hearing aid fitting and performance, and in order to provide optimum benefit, we also offer live speech mapping demonstrations. Live speech mapping is a way of revealing how well your digital hearing aids are performing and allows you to actually see how you hear in a live speech environment.

As a result of our ongoing commitment to our customers, and our professional attitude to hearing care, our hearing aid audiologists are always available at any time for free hearing checks or advice.

So it is important to remember that when you buy a digital hearing aid from Leightons you are also buying an individually tailored aftercare service valid for the entire life of the product.

Free hearing checks

Regular free hearing checks are available every six months for all Leightons Hearing Care customers. At these appointments our hearing aid audiologists will carry out a full hearing assessment and a hearing test and make any adjustments to your hearing aid that might be required. We will also provide a further six months’ supply of free hearing aid batteries at this check-up.