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Hearing Loss Treatment

Fortunately hearing loss treatment is available for most types of hearing loss. It might just be that the hearing loss is caused by excessive wax, which can be easily and quickly treated.

The first step in identifying and treating hearing loss is to have regular hearing checks, which are just as important as regular checks of the eyes and teeth. We strongly encourage anyone who is concerned about their hearing to seek professional advice and have a full hearing assessment.

A Conductive Hearing Loss is caused by a ‘mechanical’ problem within the middle or outer ear and can sometimes be treated by medication or by surgery.

The most common hearing loss, known as Sensorineural Hearing Loss can be treated with digital hearing aids. Hearing loss severity will vary from one person to the next and therefore so too will the treatment.

At Leightons we provide an individual approach to hearing care and impartial advice for treating hearing loss. Our Hearing Aid Audiologists conduct a thorough lifestyle consultation and a full hearing assessment to fully diagnose and explain the individual hearing loss. Once a hearing loss has been diagnosed we can then discuss suitable treatments from wax removal procedures to digital hearing aids and also offer free hearing aid demonstrations.

Treating hearing loss requires an individual approach and Leightons experienced hearing aid audiologists are on hand to provide their impartial advice not just on hearing loss but also on how to protect your hearing. So if you are noticing the early signs of hearing loss and want to know more about treating hearing loss please contact us and arrange a free hearing test.