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Hearing Protection

From recreation to occupation

Exposure to certain kinds of noise can permanently damage your hearing. As prevention is possible, and a complete cure is not, Leightons HearingCare provides advice and, more importantly, a range of specialist hearing protection products.

An estimated 10% of the world’s population have some degree of hearing loss. The terrible truth is that about a third of them sustained damage to their ears unnecessarily, and now many may require hearing assistance in the form of a digital hearing aid.

You won’t be surprised to know that excessive exposure to sound damages sensitive parts of the inner ear. The damage can be caused by a brief but intense noise, such as an explosion, or from regular exposure to noise. Unfortunately, people who spend a lot of time in a noisy environment grow so accustomed to it that they forget about the danger. That is why it makes sense to protect your hearing.

The good news is that hearing loss caused by exposure to recreational and occupational noise is preventable in almost 100% of cases. Leightons HearingCare can provide basic ear plugs or custom hearing protection for almost any noisy environment.

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