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In the Ear Hearing Aids – ITE

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In the ear hearing aids or ITE hearing aids as they are often known as are made to fit the shape of an individual’s ear. The measurement or physical impression of the ear is taken by an audiologist and, therefore, these are made to order. They are available in many sizes, such as half shell, full shell, mini canal and canal. An ITE hearing aid fills most of the outer ear area and is useful for those people, who suffer from mild to severe hearing problems.

It takes a while to get accustomed to having a hearing aid put in the ear. Usually, one gets the feeling of a finger being stuffed in the ear and it is difficult to adjust to the sounds around in the initial stages, including one’s own voice. With ITE hearing aids, the plugged-up feeling is less as compared to other styles of hearing aid. Moreover, the large size allows more features and larger amplifiers in the device, which come in digital, conventional and programmable technology.

As these are custom-made for a specific individual, these sit perfectly in the ear and are easy to adjust. The full shell ITE hearing aid is considered the most powerful among the variety available. An ITE hearing aid comes with all features, including the volume control option. Though these are more visible than others, these are very popular due to the ease and comfort of use that they provide. These are cosmetically pleasing as well, making them a preferred device for most people.

Advantages of In the Ear Hearing Aids

While you compare which type of hearing aid will suit you best, you can consider the following advantages that an ITE hearing aid offers:
1. The foremost advantage of an in the ear hearing aid is the comfort and convenience that it delivers. Extremely easy to use and handle, they score fairly high on aesthetics as well, as mentioned above.

2. An ITE hearing aid is good for all levels of severity of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe hearing problems. As it is worn or used just outside the ear and fills the entire ear area, its sound quality is good and enables the wearer to receive sound clearly.

3. This style also comes with twin or two microphones that deliver better sound clarity in a noisy atmosphere.

4. The large amplifier fitted in ITE hearing aid makes the sound receiver louder and clearer.

5. It is comparatively larger than other styles of hearing aids available in the market and this quality makes it easy to adjust and handle. Moreover, the larger size lets a person place it in the ear with ease and comfort, especially for those who suffer from arthritis.

6. The large size of the ITE hearing aid also allows it to provide more features, such as volume control, telecoil and directional microphone.

Those who wear spectacles find an ITE hearing aid much convenient than other styles. With its custom made design, it provides a perfect fit for the wearer’s ear.

Disadvantages of ITE Hearing Aid

There are few disadvantages to wearing this kind of hearing aid. Some of those are:

1. They are more visible than other styles and this is one of its major drawbacks.

2. An ITE hearing aid requires more maintenance, unlike other styles. Being more vulnerable to moisture and wax, it is imperative to clean them on a regular basis.

3. As the microphone and receiver are placed closely to each other, there is a probability of feedback.

4. The volume control and the battery door of the aid are smaller, making it slightly difficult to adjust, especially in the initial stages.

5. It is more prone to picking up wind noise.

6. It is not a viable option for growing children, as it cannot be fitted in their ears due to the continuous growth of their ear canals. Hence, it is recommended that they use other styles during their years of bodily growth.

After a clear assessment of these, you can decide whether an ITE hearing aid will suit your purpose and benefit you. An ITE style is best suited and is the perfect solution for most degrees of hearing loss. However, it is best not to take a decision in haste and compare these with the advantages and disadvantages of other styles of hearing aids. Consult an audiologist or a doctor to know which style will suit your requirements the best. This will help ensure that you make the right and the best choice.

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