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Remotes & Streamers

New wireless remote controls are simple to operate, fits snugly in the palm and has just a few buttons.

Users can adjust the volume and switch between different programs with ease. This gives them more control of the sound they hear – no more fuss or fiddling with hearing instruments.



Oticon Streamer is the not just a remote control but also connects to other electronic devices, streaming the sound directly into your ears via your Oticon hearing aids. At the touch of a button the Streamer connects you to a variety of communication devices, either through Bluetooth or via a direct input, including:

  • TV
  • Home and Mobile Phone
  • Music Player
  • Computer

Audio is controlled directly from the Streamer, which turns your hearing aids into the world´s smallest wireless headset! The Streamer also functions as a remote control for volume alterations and program shifts.

Phonak iCom

The freedom of wireless connectivity for Phonak hearing aid wearers. For many of us leading an active life, keeping in touch with our environment means being able to interface with a diverse range of communication systems like telephones, televisions, MP3 players, computers or other audio sources. For hearing aid users, participating in these often important, sometimes just fun aspects of modern living has been a big challenge. Not anymore!


iCom offers the most convenient way to interface most Phonak CORE hearing aids to modern communication devices.  Phonak’s iCom  wirelessly connects the digital hearing aids to Bluetooth devices or phones. Incoming signals are prioritized automatically and the hearing aids will automatically switch to the individual iCom hearing programs.

The large central button makes sure you can easily accept and reject a call or stop and start streaming audio.

The iCom is compatible with most Phonak hearing aids, including the latest hearing aids such as Audéo SMART , the smallest wireless hearing aid with full connectivity.

Contact us today to book your free hearing test and claim your FREE iCom with all new Phonak Exelia Art purchases.

Hearing aid remote controls are available for a growing number of digital hearing aids from all of the world’s leading manufacturers.

To learn more about hearing aid remote controls for your digital hearing aids ask for an appointment with one of our hearing aid audiologists who will be delighted to answer any questions you have.

For more information on any of our hearing aids, protections, devices and other materials, please contact your local Leightons branch and talk to our friendly hearing care professional.