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Small, Light, Stylish & Clever Hearing Aids


The new digital hearing aids are customised to individual requirements being programmed to precisely your individual hearing loss giving enhanced speech recognition over background noise.

With so many options available, Leightons experienced Hearing Aid Audiologists will show you the different hearing aid syles, demonstrate and explain the features and functions of the latest programmable hearing sysytems suitable for your lifestyle and budget – hearing aid prices.

Many people fear that a hearing aid will make them look older and be unsuitable for the active, busy lifestyle which they are probably enjoying.  But many of today’s programmable and open ear hearing aids are amazingly small, light, stylish and clever. Just like the human brain, they can identify those sounds we want to hear, whilst filtering out unwanted sounds, like background noise.

Digital Hearing aids – features and benefits

Digital hearing aids are available in many different styles for different requirements and to suit individual cases of hearing loss.  The latest programmable hearing aids are packed with high-tech features and automatic functionality to improve your overall listening experience and your ability to communicate freely and comfortably.

· Discrete and comfortable

· Easy to use, easy to adjust to and easy to live with – open ear hearing  aids

· Premium quality and natural-sounding

· Feedback control to prevent whistling

· Directionality to focus on speech in noisy backgrounds

· Compatible with hearing aid induction and hearing loops

· Noise management systems to reduce background noise

· Hundreds of colours available to match your skin or hair colour

· Telephone compatible technology for ease in communication

· Fully automatic and continuous environment adjustments

· Automatic volume control adjustments, to your preferred settings

For more information have a look at our digital hearing aid styles and designer digital hearing aids freephone 0800 40 20 20 for a free hearing test and demonstration.

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