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Myths & Truths

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There are lots of myths around tinnitus and how to manage it. Here’s where you can get the facts fast.

Tinnitus is an illness

Tinnitus is not an illness in itself. Rather, it is a type of condition that can be caused by a variety of things, including: a build up of wax, exposure to noise, emotional stress, losing your hearing as you get older.

Tinnitus cures itself

Some types of tinnitus can relieve themselves, but it’s always safer to see your audiologist straight away if the ringing persists. It could be as simple as your Audiologist syringing your ear to relieve a blockage. Or it could involve a full management plan to manage the condition from day to day. Whatever you need to live life the full again, we’re with you all the way.

Tinnitus makes you go deaf 

Nine out of ten people with tinnitus do have some form of hearing damage, but this does not mean that you will be going deaf. It can certainly be a symptom of hearing loss, but there are a lot of people with normal hearing who also have tinnitus. Speaking with an audiologist will allow you to clear up what is going on and let you know the full extent of your problems.

Tinnitus drives people mad

 This is a major concern for a lot of people. Although it is linked to your mental and emotional health, it is not a sign that you are losing your faculties. The emotional impact of tinnitus can be difficult to deal with, but you’re not on your own. Our Audiologists are experts at helping you find the root cause of your tinnitus and find you the products or coping mechanisms that will make most difference to your life.

There is no cure 

It’s true, there is no specific medical cure that treats tinnitus. But it is a symptom and can be tackled at the root. That’s where our professional Audiologists can help you tackle it and find ways to manage it as effectively as you can.


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