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Treating Hearing Loss

Personalised solutions

The good news is that lots of types of hearing loss can be easily treated or managed.

Start with a free hearing assessment

The simplest way to start is by having a free hearing assessment.

Our fully qualified hearing specialists will examine your ear and do a number of tests to determine what the softest sound you can hear is, across a number of frequencies.

In some cases, your hearing loss may be caused by a build up of wax, which can be quickly and easily treated.

In others, where there’s a problem with the inner or outer ear, it can be treated by medication or surgery. In which case, we’ll refer you for a medical opinion.

The most common hearing loss (sensorineural) can be treated with digital hearing aids. And after a full hearing assessment, where we find out more about your lifestyle, we’ll help you find the hearing aid that will make the most difference to you.

Booking your free hearing assessment couldn’t be easier. Simply find your nearest Leightons branch or book an appointment online. We’ll be happy to hear from you.