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Leightons Opticians

Your family’s eyes. In the best hands.

At Leightons, our opticians put their heart and soul into delivering the very best care for you and your family’s eyes. From tiny eyes, taking in the world around them; to teenage eyes, developing through life’s rough and tumble. From the first signs of presbyopia in your 40s to managing your eye health well into your older years – we’re with you every step of the way.

The ultimate eye examination

At Leightons, we don’t stop at standard. We invest in the most advanced ways of testing your eyes. That’s why you’ll find the option of an OCT scan, as part of your regular eye test, in every store. These ultra-advanced methods of testing help us detect issues with your eyes up to 5 years before normal testing. And the sooner you detect them, the more you can protect. Find out more about what makes our eye examination different.

Glasses or contacts? The choice is yours.

Whether you prefer the freedom of contact lenses or the familiar feel of glasses, it’s up to you. Our Contact Lens Experts deliver the highest standards of clinical care and give you access to the world’s most advanced lenses. While our Dispensing Opticians (present in every Leightons store, unlike other Opticians) give you that extra level of service, so your lenses are fit for purpose.

The best of the world’s eyecare – brought to you.

As a much-loved independent optician, we work hard to bring you the most advanced brands from the world’s most innovative eye companies, so you can live your life to the full. We stock head-turning eyewear from the biggest brands to the most beautiful hand-crafted boutique labels – so your glasses, and sunglasses, are every bit as unique as you.

More than anything, we believe in delivering heartfelt customer service. That means listening more carefully, empathising with your issues, passing on the wealth of our knowledge and delighting you with the best service possible.

To see. To hear. To live life – to the full.


Looking After Your Eyes