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Looking After Your Eyes

Computer glasses

Seeing the bigger picture

Whether you’re in the office 9 to 5, catching up on Facebook on a laptop at home, swiping your way around your iPhone or keeping tabs on your email with a BlackBerry, most of us are spending more time staring at screens than ever before.

If you’ve noticed that your eyes feel unusually tired, your vision is blurred or you notice any other changes in your sight, it’s time to visit your Optician. We can check if you need glasses especially for using your computer.

Don’t forget, if you use a computer screen at work, your employer must provide you with regular eye tests and contribute towards your eyewear. So chances are, you won’t need to pay a penny.

Wondering what makes computer glasses different? Well, unlike reading glasses, they’re designed to optimise your viewing experience based on the average distance that a computer (VDU) screen is from your eyes. So your eyes don’t feel the same strain.

You and your employer can help your eyes by ensuring your VDU is well positioned and properly adjusted, and that the workplace lighting is suitable.

If you do need computer glasses, we have loads to choose from. Take your pick from simple frames and lenses at the best value or up your style stakes and choose a pair that perfectly complement your look. The choice is yours.

For more information on corporate eye tests and our corporate eye care scheme, please follow the link through to the relevant page. To book an eye test with one of our qualified opticians click here.