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Looking After Your Eyes

Eye & Vision Care

We all know that eyesight is one of our most precious possessions. In fact, our sense of sight is responsible for 80% of what we perceive. Yet in today’s busy lifestyle it’s so easy to take it all for granted. Any deterioration in your eyesight can be so gradual that it can sometimes go unnoticed, which is why eye care is so important. While we take our physical health seriously, we often overlook our eye health, despite the fact that many vision impairments are preventable in nature.

Proper eye care is absolutely essential to prevent eye health problems at a later date. Eye problems can occur at any stage in life and there are several eye conditions that you need to guard against. Young children with problematic vision can face learning difficulties in school. Teenagers are at risk of over-exposure to ultraviolet rays as well as visual stress due to hours spent in front of a mobile or computer screen. Adults may need to get their vision corrected as they age. Moreover, risk of eye diseases and other eye problems dramatically increases as we age.

A professional examination and regular eye tests are vital in checking our eye health as well as giving us clues to our general health. Preventive eye care will help you in reducing the risk of vision loss and eye diseases such as cataract and glaucoma. Apart from assessing ocular health, eye examinations can also help diagnose other ailments, including life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and tumours

At Leightons we recommend a regular eye examination, usually every one or two years, as a vital part of your eye care and your general heath care for the entire family. We also recommend that children undergo regular eye tests so that any vision-related problems can be addressed on time.

At Leightons we offer a comprehensive eye test, where we not only diagnose your ocular health but also guide you on correct eye care practices. From the moment you arrive in our store, our friendly staff will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you might have relating to your eye care requirements. This doesn’t just include advice concerning the best glasses and lenses for your eyesight. Our team of professionals are also trained to give expert recommendations on sunglasses, contact lenses, eye health and even supplements to help improve your eye care. We take into account your lifestyle while making our recommendations so that you can find vision care products that best suit you. .

Your eyes are precious; let us look after them. Contact your Leightons branch or click here to book an eye test online.