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Looking After Your Eyes

Reading glasses

Get ready for your close up

If you find yourself pulling pages closer to your face in order to read the small print, chances are it’s time for reading glasses.

Pop in for an eye test at Leightons Opticians and our friendly team can identify what, if any, type of reading glasses you need.

Then you can take your pick of our reading glasses range. Whether you’re after a pair that’s classic and timeless or bold and bright, we have loads to choose from – all to suit any budget.

Play music or work on a computer? Your reading glasses may be set to a different distance – for example to read music or see your computer screen.

That’s why our team spend longer understanding how you’ll use your glasses, so they can help you find the perfect pair that help you live your life to the full.

Tempted to try “Ready Readers”? They’re great as an emergency back up. But used over a long period, they can make things worse – giving you eye strain and headaches.

Choose a pair of prescription reading glasses and they’ll be tailored to your eyes individually. Most people’s eyes vary slightly between the right and the left. Prescription reading glasses are created especially to suit each eye, with the optical centre of the lenses set up in just the right place to avoid eye strain and/or double vision and to help you see as clearly as possible through each eye.

When you come in for your eye test we will ask about your lifestyle and hobbies so that we can ensure the perfect setup for you.