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Looking After Your Eyes

UV Eye Protection

Vision is precious

Just like your skin, your eyes never recover from the harm caused by UV radiation. A lifetime’s exposure can cause issues like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. (Click here to find out more on the most common eye conditions).

That’s why it’s so important to protect your eyes with effective sunglasses, right from the get go, including your little ones.

Amazingly, by the time most children are 18, they’ll have absorbed half the UV rays that they’ll absorb in their lifetime.

There are 3 types of harmful UV rays:

Here’s what makes them different:

UVA Rays

Stands for Ultraviolet A or more easily remembered as “UV Ageing rays”- they are the cause of long term skin damage and photo-ageing. In other words, they cause premature ageing, wrinkles and sun spots.

UVB Rays

Stands for Ultraviolet B and are often referred to as “UV Burning rays”- they are the cause of sunburn. Unlike UVA, they have different strengths year round. UVB rays are the common cause of most skin cancers.

UVC Rays

Stands for Ultraviolet C. It is the strongest of solar rays. Usually the ozone layer stops these from reaching the Earth.

When it comes to your sunglasses, it’s recommended that you choose a pair that provides at least 99% protection from UVB rays and 95% protection from UVA rays. Though many of the brands we stock, including Maui Jim, provide 100% protection. Similarly, all of our children’s sunglasses provide 100% protection. So your eyes are safe with us.