Alan Sanderson (BSC MSC RHAD CS)

Clinical Scientist and Hearing Aid Consultant

Alan Sanderson has 10 years of experience in audiology and hearing research. He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Clinical Scientist and Hearing Aid Dispenser. Alan’s professional experience includes clinical audiology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, teaching and research at the University of Southampton.

Alan joined the Leightons Hearing Care team in 2018, bringing along his unique experiences from the NHS and academia. He prides himself on supporting people as they overcome the challenges of hearing loss using the latest technologies. He currently divides his professional time between Leightons Hearing Care and his own scientific research. These investigations question the role our immune systems play in hearing changes that occur over a lifetime.

“Joining the Leightons Hearing Care team has been such a natural step for me. The open-minded culture at Leightons allows me the flexibility and resources I need to deliver the best service, tailored to each individual patient and their family."

Outside the clinic, Alan spends his time recording and producing electronic music. His songs have received BBC radio play and exposure through TV advertisement.