Alga Mau


With a sister born with total deafness and currently wears a cochlear implant, Alga has been no stranger to the world of hearing loss and audiology. This lifelong exposure to hearing and communication difficulties sparked a desire to help others with similar difficulties, confident with the knowledge that his own experiences can really help others live the best lives possible.

Graduating from the University of Southampton with an MSci in 2018, Alga started work in the NHS, travelling to various clinics over the south of England as part of a mobile AQP team. Joining the Leighton's team in 2020, he brought with him his compassion, patience and utmost care for quality of service he prided himself on during his time in the NHS.

In his free time, Alga works as a freelance orchestral composer, having played piano and orchestral clarinet for the majority of his life. When not working on music, he also enjoys watching and playing Classic Tetris (NES) competitively.