Anita Van Der Colff

Hearing Aid Audiologist

Since qualifying as an audiologist, much of Anita’s experience has been with NHS provision. She worked extensively with a charitable organisation, supporting individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, which she found incredibly rewarding. The organisation had a contract with the NHS to provide audiology services, but also offered a range of other support services, delivering complete care.

Anita was drawn to Leightons by their ethos of patient-centred care, as it reflected the focus of all her previous experience. She enjoys the fact that she can now spend more time with patients due to longer appointment times, allowing her the opportunity to build a greater understanding of each individual’s needs and requirements. She also loves the range of up-to-date hearing aid technology that is available to cater to patient needs.

Outside work, Anita has found that the 2020 lockdown really highlighted the value of friendship and being in the same room as other people for her. Some of her favourite activities involve meeting up with friends, particularly for Cook Club and Book Club.