Anne-Marie Kincaid (RHAD BSHAA)

Hearing Aid Dispenser

Anne-Marie is an extremely experienced hearing care dispenser, having trained with a small independent firm, specialising in fittings & hearing rehabilitation.

Anne- Marie then went on to pilot one of the first Private Public Partnership schemes, and then went on to become the Lead Dispenser for the largest & most successful Private Public Partnerships in the country. This involved leading a team to perform diagnostics, Hearing Aid fittings and follow ups for approximately 5000 patients on behalf of the Bournemouth PCT.

“Working at Leightons allows me to continue to provide a very high level of hearing care but importantly I have more time to offer an even higher level of service and after care.”

“With Leightons I get to work ‘with’ our customers to explore, in great detail, their individual hearing needs and carefully select the most appropriate hearing solutions for their long term benefit. Care is the ethos at Leightons, and that’s why I really can offer the best with as much time as they individually need.”