Dr Gemma Gray (BSc MSc RHAD CS)

Professional Services Manager & Clinical Scientist (Audiology)

Gemma joined the Leightons team in 2013 and has since become the Professional Services Manager for Hearing Care. Having started her career in Audiology in 2007 with a Masters in Audiology, she later took on the great challenge of completing her doctorate. As one of the most qualified audiologists here in the UK, it’s no wonder patients like to come to seek her professionalism.

Gemma complements Leightons’ ethos of patient-centred care. She has many years of experience working in a busy NHS department, undertaking audiological assessment and rehabilitation of both adults and children. Her number one priority has always been to improve the quality of life for every patient and their families.

“Leightons Hearing Care enables me to provide truly patient-centred, long-term solutions. With abundant time for our consultations, I can explore your concerns about hearing, complete a comprehensive assessment, and create a personalised management plan. If hearing technology is appropriate, I will guide you to the most suitable solution. I am lucky to have technology from all of the top hearing aid manufacturers worldwide at my fingertips. My support doesn’t stop there though. Ongoing care is essential to ensure your hearing needs continue to be met and you can live life to its fullest.”